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World War II Items

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Photo of Joseph Warren Hays
Photograph of Joseph Warren Hays in uniform

Harris School of Nursing hat and cape
Harris School of Nursing uniform from 1943 graduate Kathleen Lutz

War Program Education Endorsed By Students article
This article from the Skiff discusses War Program Education at TCU in 1943. Wade and Jones specifically discuss the physical education and defense trainings that were offered at TCU during WWII.

Harris School of Nursing Diploma
Kathleen Lutz's Harris School of Nursing Diploma from 1943

Former TCU athlete, AJ Brumbaugh, playing for the Pensacola Naval Team against TCU.
Former TCU Student, AJ Brumbaugh, is highlighted in the article which explains that he plays for the Pensacola Naval Team that was facing TCU in the upcoming week.

Leonard's: More Merchandise For Less Money
This is an advertisement for Fort Worth's Leonard's Shoes from the Skiff in 1943. The advertisement is an example of the contradicting ideologies about women during WWII. Leonard's tried to appeal to the feminine women, suggesting that beauty and…

1946 Skiff Article <br /><br />
Military housing for single veterans
Skiff article depicting the purchase of military housing for single veterans

Photograph of Kathleen Lutz in Harris School of Nursing uniform
Harris School of Nursing Student Kathleen Lutz in uniform

Should Sports Program Be Continued Is Vital Question in Collegiate Circles
This photo shows the debate that occurred on campus in regards to the upcoming collegiate sports seasons in which students voiced their opinion on why schools should and should not compete.