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Vietnam War Items

Items in the Vietnam War Items Collection

Photograph of James B. Evans in Vietnam
Dr. James B Evans in uniform, member of the Army Medical Corps, in Quang Tri, Vietnam.

Photograph of James B. Evans in front of his home in Fort Worth, Texas.
James B. Evans in uniform in front of his home in Fort Worth, Texas. First day back at home after being in Vietnam for a year.

Photograph of Naked Came Spunk cover, front and back
The cover to Naked Came Spunk, which caused for Chancellor Moudy to call a meeting

The Black Dictionary
“The Black Dictionary”, created by Gene Johnson. Defined slang used by those within the Black Community at TCU

AWS Dress Code Questionnaire
The Dress Code Questionnaire sent out to TCU students, faculty, staff, and administration.

Blackman in USA
an article written in “All I said Was Spunk” discussed being Black in America and those who are oppressed

Photograph of Spunk Staff
The faces and names behind the making of the Spunk Comes Naked magazine

AWS: To Girls Who Question Dorm Policies
Doodles and notes written on a document addressed to girls who questioned the dress code and curfew policies on TCU.

TCU All-American Jim Swink Honored in Rusk at Hometown Gala
Captain Swink providing medical care, illustrating the support and care he offered as a medical officer in the Army.

Photograph of a member of the Vietnam Moratorium Committee
Vietnam Moratorium Committee member advertises for a panel discussion on the war.