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Smith Green Crew pic.jpeg
Photograph of Smith Green with the crew he worked with in the steel mill.

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Journals 1.jpg
Photograph of all ten journals during his time as a POW.

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Smith Green in uniform.jpeg
Photograph of Smith Green in uniform.

B-24 Liberator, the most widely used plane during World War II.

Best Army Medal.jpg
Major Carswell's Medal of Honor

Major Horace Seaver Carswell, Jr. in his pilots uniform and headphones.

A young couple sways to the music together at a University dance.

James Lane Digital.jpg
A photograph from the Texas Christian University yearbook of James Lane, 1966.

Martin2 copy.jpg
A young couple naps together on the train ride back from an away football game.

Joseph Hays flew a PT-23 (Primary Trainer) plane in one of his phases of training.
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