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A young couple lounging together in the campus commons.

Martin Skiff article 1945 01 19_0004.jpg
The Skiff newspaper ran many updates on marriages of students. During WWII, marriage announcements of students and soldiers was very common.

Hays Discharge Attempt.jpg
Hays's honorable discharge certificate signed by Commander Locke. It is a testament to Hays's standards and personal conduct.

Paul F. Boller, Jr. during his time in Guam.

Jim Swink football.jpg
Swink featured in the Horned Frog yearbook in 1957, displaying his prolific statistics and accomplishments during his time playing college football at TCU.

Amon Carter 1.png
Amon Carter Jr. is represented on the front row on the far left with some of his fellow Kriegies which was a term for inmates

Lopez scarf.jpg
TCU graduate Joseph Warren Hays's scarf used during WWII when he was a pilot for the 446th Bombardment Group.

Kirtley Carter Jr letter front.jpg
One of Amon G. Carter Jr.'s letters to his father Among G. Carter sent from Oflag 64 Poland.

Mills Skiff photo 19691017_0001.jpg
TCU students take part in Vietnam Moratorium Day activities

Mills Skiff photo 19691014_0001.jpg
Vietnam Moratorium Committee member advertises for a panel discussion on the war.
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