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Zabel Skiff article 1942 01 09_0001.jpg
A January 1942 Skiff article introduces the new courses that will be offered in Spring 1942.

Zabel Skiff article 1941 09 19_0003.jpg
A September 1941 Skiff article explains the new pilot training courses offered that semester.

Torres Skiff article 1946 09 20_0001.jpg
Skiff article depicting the purchase of military housing for single veterans

Torres Skiff Article 1946 03 22_0004.jpg
Article published in The Skiff

Paul F. Boller, Jr., a man who found friendship with the enemy. He was loved by the TCU community, even after his retirement.

Jim Swink football.jpg
Swink featured in the Horned Frog yearbook in 1957, displaying his prolific statistics and accomplishments during his time playing college football at TCU.

AWS Dress Code Questionnaire.jpg
The Dress Code Questionnaire sent out to TCU students, faculty, staff, and administration.

AWS Letter to Girls about Curfew.jpg
Doodles and notes written on a document addressed to girls who questioned the dress code and curfew policies on TCU.

B-24 Liberator, the most widely used plane during World War II.

Ortiz Blackman in USA004.jpg
an article written in “All I said Was Spunk” discussed being Black in America and those who are oppressed
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