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Joseph Hays.jpg
Photograph of Joseph Warren Hays in uniform

evans vietnam.jpg
Dr. James B Evans in uniform, member of the Army Medical Corps, in Quang Tri, Vietnam.

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evans home.jpg
James B. Evans in uniform in front of his home in Fort Worth, Texas. First day back at home after being in Vietnam for a year.

Peterson the-horned-frog-1918_0073.jpg
The Service Flag was created by the Brushes Club in the Spring of 1917. Each star on the flag represented a TCU student or alumni serving abroad or in the United States.

Strehle Skiff article 1917 05 25_0003.jpg
Article in the Skiff newspaper discussing the addition of a "Baby Camp" close to TCU.

final project tag picture.jpg
Examples of Tags sold for Tag Day fundraisers to raise money for the Fort Worth Baby Camp

Lutz Cape and Hat.jpg
Harris School of Nursing uniform from 1943 graduate Kathleen Lutz

Torres Skiff Article 1946 03 22_0004.jpg
Article published in The Skiff
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