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Jim Swink football.jpg
Swink featured in the Horned Frog yearbook in 1957, displaying his prolific statistics and accomplishments during his time playing college football at TCU.

Paul F. Boller, Jr., a man who found friendship with the enemy. He was loved by the TCU community, even after his retirement.

Jim Swink Army.jpg
Captain Swink providing medical care, illustrating the support and care he offered as a medical officer in the Army.

Ortiz Spunk Editorial Staff 2016.jpg
The faces and names behind the making of the Spunk Comes Naked magazine

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Ortiz Blackman in USA004.jpg
an article written in “All I said Was Spunk” discussed being Black in America and those who are oppressed

Kandris Leonards Ad 1943 10 15_0010.jpg
This is an advertisement for Fort Worth's Leonard's Shoes from the Skiff in 1943. The advertisement is an example of the contradicting ideologies about women during WWII. Leonard's tried to appeal to the feminine women, suggesting that beauty and…

Ortiz Black Dictionary009.jpg
“The Black Dictionary”, created by Gene Johnson. Defined slang used by those within the Black Community at TCU

Kandris Skiff article 19430409_0002 copy.jpg
This article from the Skiff discusses War Program Education at TCU in 1943. Wade and Jones specifically discuss the physical education and defense trainings that were offered at TCU during WWII.

Ortiz Spunk front cover012.jpg
The cover to Naked Came Spunk, which caused for Chancellor Moudy to call a meeting

Peterson the-horned-frog-1918_0073.jpg
The Service Flag was created by the Brushes Club in the Spring of 1917. Each star on the flag represented a TCU student or alumni serving abroad or in the United States.
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