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Smith Green in uniform.jpeg
Photograph of Smith Green in uniform.

B-24 Liberator, the most widely used plane during World War II.

Major Horace Seaver Carswell, Jr. in his pilots uniform and headphones.

Lutz Photo.jpg
Harris School of Nursing Student Kathleen Lutz in uniform

Lutz Cape and Hat.jpg
Harris School of Nursing uniform from 1943 graduate Kathleen Lutz

Joseph Hays flew a PT-23 (Primary Trainer) plane in one of his phases of training.

A young couple lounging together in the campus commons.

Hays Discharge Attempt.jpg
Hays's honorable discharge certificate signed by Commander Locke. It is a testament to Hays's standards and personal conduct.

Lopez scarf.jpg
TCU graduate Joseph Warren Hays's scarf used during WWII when he was a pilot for the 446th Bombardment Group.

Lutz Diploma.jpg
Kathleen Lutz's Harris School of Nursing Diploma from 1943
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